Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week Two - COLD

Well this is quite a fitting subject for this weeks' challenge! This week has been cold and with the wind chill feels even colder. According to our local weather station it was 14F but felt like -14F. The wind was blowing and biting. I was just generally happy to be inside. Out of the elements.

Friday  I was admiring an amazing sunset on my half hour commute. I was also kicking myself for not bringing my camera so I could capture the beauty. The sky was glowing a beautiful pinky orange around the setting sun. The trees and barns of the countryside were silhouettes on the horizon. The wind was whipping the snow into what looked like a cold mist hovering over the fields.

I sped home all the while keeping an eye out my window. Sunsets change very quickly. The transforming beauty is captivating but is gone in the twinkling of an eye.

I was less than a block from my home, ready to grab my camera and run, when the snow started swirling and the sky grew grey and the beautiful warm sunset vanished. I grabbed my camera regardless and headed for the golf course down the road, hoping to at least catch the swirling snow.

In honour of the effects of the wind chill factor, this is how it looked

This is how it felt

The next day, the sun shone again. None of the children were begging to go and play in the yard this week!

Saturday, I wanted to see what else I could capture that encompasses COLD. 

The Detroit River was frozen and looked enchantingly dangerous with the entrance to Lake Erie on the horizon.

The broken ice. If my hands weren't freezing from the whipping wind, I would have spent significant time taking pictures.

The road ends at the river, the water's edge protected by a dock, the contrast was stark as just two feet further the broken ice took over the landscape as far as the eye could see. But here, the ice is peaceful and glistens in the sunlight.

I love spending time with my girl. She braved the cold and even grabbed the camera to take a few shots of her own.

I also realized that I am not very good at settling on one photo to meet a photo challenge but I guess that is another one of my defining characteristics!


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