Monday, August 11, 2014

Abundant Blessing

A new beginning to my gratitude. I think I am a thankful person but I have found that documenting makes gratitude flow more abundantly.

111. our vacation home - "The Farmhouse" - newly renovated.
112. having all of my family under one roof
113. Farmhouse worship - a crowd of teenagers crammed into the living room lifting their voices and hearts with abandon.
114. connecting moments and moments of breakthrough, like a ray of sunshine through the storm clouds
115. a rainbow that starts and ends in Canada - a perfect arch.

116. seeing old camp friends - their kids camping with mine
117. being encouraged by my "Farmhouse kids" from the past.
118. Facetime with a sweet girl in Senegal. The chance to pray.
119. lots of pictures posted of my kids at camp
120. the safe arrival of a precious baby and the transfer of love to his new parents.


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