Sunday, January 18, 2015


Since my experience last week, missing some beautiful shots and wishing I had my camera with me, I decided this week to travel with camera in hand. Or at least within grabbing distance.

Monday morning I was pondering what I might possibly photograph for this weeks theme. As I drove to work, I took that half hour commute to think about what simplicity means to me. I figured that it would probably be something I barely noticed as I rushed through my days. Something I took for granted but would notice if it was missing.

I had an ah-ha moment as I realized that the sun rises and sets everyday and I depend on it. My life depends on it but I certainly take for granted that the "sun`ll come out tomorrow". Faithfully. Without any input from me.

So my simplicity is a study of a week of sunsets (since anyone who knows me knows I rarely see a sunrise - I like my sleep too much!).

As simple as the concept of a sunset is, the experience will take your breath away.

If you thought last weeks challenge had too many pictures, I won`t apologize but this one has more. I couldn`t pick just one. Each evening sky transformed each moment into something spectacular. My pictures don`t do justice to the wonder I experienced this week but I hope they give you a glimpse of the beauty I beheld.

Day One

The sunset started with a simple yellow sky with a bit of orange tinges. The winter clouds covered most of the sky.

By the time I was almost home, the thick winter clouds were no longer in view.

Day Two

I was so disappointed that I had forgotten my camera at home in my rush to get out the door. Even more so when I watched a very pretty sunset dance across the sky. I was entranced all the way home.

Day Three

It started as a low orange streak across the horizon

Within minutes the entire sky was full of  colour. In our area, it seems that windmills are a blight on the skyline in every direction. Silhouetted by a flaming sky, even they can appear beautiful!

The purple streaks across the sky of fire, was a majestic display.

Day 4

The sunset started with a lot of cloud cover and a low pale pink streak. As I drove home, I expected this was the most colour I would see that dusk.

And then I rounded a curve in the road and met with the most amazing blend of pinks and purples.

I turned onto the next road and the sun peeked out from behind the clouds.

A bit further down the road, the sun dropped into full view.

Day 5

Once again, I thought a low pink streak was going to be the most I could capture and I wasn't going to complain, given the amazing sunsets I had already enjoyed.

And then again we rounded that corner in the road and rushed to a place where I could capture this:

Day 6

I arrived home, grabbed my camera and ran to the river.

I couldn't resist adding this father and son spending time ice fishing.

The sun setting over Fighting Island.

As I drove past a golf course, I couldn't ignore the sun between the hills. I stopped the car on the side of the road. jumped a ditch and followed the deer tracks through the brush for this:

I am so glad I did.

"so that from the rising of the sun
    to the place of its setting
people may know there is none besides me.
    I am the Lord, and there is no other."
Isaiah 45:6


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