Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week 9 - Contrast

I was definately determined to capture the contrast between my eldest two children on the day of graduation. Drew would be dressed up in suit and tie. McKenna in the working clothes of a photography assistant.

Drew rarely smiles for pictures. McKenna is ALWAYS smiliing.

Drew holds his emotions and affections close. With McKenna you cannot help but know you are loved and she generously pours out affection and encouragement.

Boy. Girl.

Introvert. Extorvert.

The diffence between these two is night and day.

BUT the grad day was SO busy that I absolutely missed getting the shot I wanted. *sigh* I will have to try to capture that another time.

The day before grad was a very yucky, rainy day. As I was heading home from work, running late  as usual, the sun was heading down to the horizon. As I stepped out of the grocery store and into the darkness of an angry sky, the sun dropped just below the storm clouds and shone in brilliant wonder. It was so beautiful I caught my breath and just stared, wishing I had my camera in hand at that precise moment. I didn't, of course.

Since the grocery store is literally down the road I rushed home, grabbed the camera, leaving the children to unload the groceries, and I tore to the road desperate to capture whatever moment I could.
This is one of my many attempts:

The angry forboding sky broken by the horizon all aflame.

So this past week while I was sitting under the towering oaks in my sister's back yard I leaned back and looked up to the sky and for the first time noticed the beautiful lacy effect of the layers of leaves against the sky. Like an exquisite lace tablecloth...



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