Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 11 - HERITAGE

I have taken a very loose interpretation of the definition "something possessed as a result of one's natural situation or birth" Merriam-Webster

Being born in Southern Ontario and living on the border of the United States, crossing into a "foreign" country is a common thing. Seeing The Ambassador Bridge on the horizon - a reminder of an open border and the close relationship shared between the US and Canada.

I have spent significant time in Michigan....going to Junior Girls camp at Upper Peninsula Bible Camp, attending Young Teens and CIT at Bair Lake Bible Camp, Bill Gothard Seminars at Cobo Hall (and sneaking down to Greek Town) YPMs (Young Peoples' Meetings) with the Detroit area PB churches, occasional trucking trips with my dad, Single Mingle and church services at Mount Zion, Christian concerts, Creation Fest  at Agape Farm in PA and dinners in Mexican Town - all before I even started dating my dear husband! Trips across "The Bridge" and back became a regular occurance.

So many friendships I have built South of the border with some family by blood and others that have become like family through the Blood.
And after marrying Leo, introducing him to the joys of BLBC and being introduced to The Birth Place - where our three American children were born.

Walks along the river front (I admit that I prefer the green Windsor parks compared to the grey City of Detroit that edges the river), watching the Fireworks, we even took wedding pictures by the River.

And as we make our way slowly across the Bridge, I glance to my right and see...

a "blast from the past". Memories of visiting Boblo Island via the hour ride on the Columbia from this dock or on the Papoose from Amherstburg....and three years of working on "The Island". One in games and two as a photographer. I'm not sure they were my best years but they were definately learning and experiencing years. I grew up alot and can look back with fondness at my time there and wish my children could enjoy the same memories.....

A look up....

and a look back....

and we are home in the True North Strong and Free! ♥
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