Saturday, June 22, 2013


My sister is amazing.

She's older and wiser and talenteder...I know that's not a word but it flowed better than "more talented".

She has a knack for decorating and anything creative.

Her home is beautiful and welcoming and could be featured in a magazine. She and her husband are the perfect hosts!

Her yard and gardens look like a park -a place to relax and kick back. I love to wander and look at her flowers. Lately I have been focussing on closing in on the flowers that stand as sentries along her driveway.

Daisies are one of my favorite flowers.

Peonies are my new favorite flower this year!
I am planning on planting a bush in my yard, as soon as I figure out where.

Okay, so I admit to cheating a little with these two. They were not taken this week, but a couple of weeks ago, however, I liked the pictures so much, I couldn't resist using them!

So here are some shots from my visit this afternoon to my sister's garden:

Day Lilies - I have a pale pinky-peach in my yard but love the dramatic effect of this fuschia colour.
I think she called these Foxgloves. I had fun trying to capture the bee as he enjoyed his evening snack.
I remember when I was  ten years old, being mezmerized by slides of plants and animals and landscapes and people.  Uncle Harold took the most beautiful, thoughtful pictures. I am sure that is one of the reasons that I love to take pictures of flowers.
His wife, Auntie Audrey, had lovely gardens and always had little bouquets of flowers in the most unexpected vases gracing tables and counters and bedsides and bathrooms. It was a beautiful welcoming touch that I love to continue in my own home.
What wonderful memories I have of my many visits in their home.
Peace, grace, joy and love. Precious, sweet moments imprinted forever on my life.
Next weeks challenge: Architecture


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