Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Now experience it."

Read this post from one of my favorite blogs ande the following words stood out to me:

“I passed a billboard and it made me think. Made me start reading my Bible, starting in the book of Proverbs.”
“What did the billboard say?” I need to know — what are the answers in places like dumps?
What do signs say when you need a sign?
“The billboard, it said: “God is love. Now experience it.

Do I experience it? how? Do I take time to watch and wait. To SEE the many ways that God has blessed me and His love manifested in each moment. Do I give thanks? and find joy there? in the thanksgiving?

Continuing to count my own one thousand gifts...and then some....
51. walks in the cold winter air
52. encouraging words from my children
53. the shock on their faces as they consider sibling rivalry and how it happens in other families
54. Brae offering to make Drew an omlette for breakfast - with toast!
55. coming home to a spotless kitchen
56. the snap of crisp gingerbread
57. the breathing of a baby as he sleeps with no monitors or help - praise God for healing!
58. the light in Wil's eyes and the crinkle of his nose as he smiles at me - my heart melts.
59. the decadence of triple chocolate mousse cake
60. my new favorite baking/serving dish
61. three hours of uninterrupted sleep!
62. weight loss for me....weight gain for Wil!
63. new jeans the fit just right
64. hand crochetted cotton dish towels
65. finding the exact one-word necklace I love
66. late night talks with a good friend
67. celebrating their 55 years of ministry and the impact they have had on my family.
68. the investment of another homeschool mom in my son and others through debate
69. visits from "camp kids"
70. sitting down to dinner as a family each evening.


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