Thursday, January 05, 2012

Another meaning

In my dream last night, my word for the year, ABIDE, was the topic of discussion. The alternate meaning - to put up with or tolerate was brought to light.

When I woke, I pondered a quote I have in my kitchen  ~ "God will not tolerate being tolerated.". I don't recall who said it but it impacted me enough to want a daily reminder. Do I tolerate God? or do I willingly run into His presence, eager for time with Him?

I wouldn't want to know that people, especially those who call themselves my children, just tolerate me. That would hurt depending on my view of the relationship, even devastate me.

What an affront that would be to the God of Love who sent His Son as a sacrifice so that we could have communion with Him!

Do you simply tolerate Him or do you build your nest near His alter each day?


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