Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Out with the Old....In with the NEW!

I read these words today:

"But I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t struggle with my blog. I struggle with the comparison trap – comparing my blog to others with thousands of followers. Comparing myself to those who have gorgeous, professional photos. Comparing myself to those who are gifted writers, who tell a beautiful story with their words. I’m there."
 Oh my goodness!!! Those are my exact words - my exact thoughts. I had searched for this online store and found her blog. Without meaning to, I just happened onto these words. (I know there are no accidents, no coincidence...)

This is similar to where I am. God "told" me to blog two years ago - I haven't even been sporadic at it - just down right disobedient.

So starting today, I am picking up my mess and starting fresh. Walking in obedience no matter where it takes me regardless if anyone else reads my words.
Maybe it isn't about me encouraging or inspiring others. Maybe it's about me walking in obedience even if I don't understand. Like Noah building the Ark....or Gideon going to war with 300 soldiers....or Peter walking on water...
Hello 2013!
Each year through the inspiration first from Ali Edwards and then from Ann Voskamp , I choose a word for my upcoming year. I pray about it and think about it. Sometimes it comes to me in a whisper other times through a song.
My journey of "the years"  started with Intentional - I don't feel that year was successful, at least not what I envisioned when I chose that word.
Follow, came loudly and furiously after Christmas as we travelled to yet another holiday celebration. We turned up the volume of Chris Tomlin and as I sang along, my heart connected with the words and I just knew THIS was the word. I "followed" right into a pregnancy at 43 years old and the early birth of our fifth child and the challenges of four weeks in the NICU.
Abide was the call to rest and peace. I quickly discovered that abiding is not the passive place I thought it was. I had to actively choose to stay there. Choose to abide when the walls were crumbling. When the tears were streaming. When nothing went as I had planned and everything was falling apart, to calmly abide. This has been a challenging year but one of wonder as I waited and prayed. It wasn't all calm. I lost it on occasion, but I think I was more successful than not.
and now......2013!
the year of PURSUE. The call to pursue my husband, my children and my God.
The challenge to name your year and live it out. what will it teach you and how will you grow? 


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