Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Never Too Late For Thanks.

121. An unexpected thank you - colourful arrangement of daisies and Tim's
122. A piano and a tea cup - memories of my beloved Aunt Mary.
123. My thoughtful girl buying her brothers "bribe" candy for her babysitting and long hours without complaining.
124. A clean washer.
125. The eldest snuggling with the youngest. ♥
126. Kids that understand harmony and use it during family worship.
127. Historical fiction that takes my mind off today.
128. An amazing deal for my girl - her very own keyboard.
129. Clean rooms and properly sorted laundry.
130. A thoughtful gift of connecting time away with my love.
131. Assorted fudge sample pack from Harbourtown Fudge.
132. A relaxing escape

133. Refreshing infused water - I am addicted.
134. Cheese cake to go from Killer Desserts

135. Walking through the picturesque quaint town of Port Stanley

137. Children taking good care of each other.
138. Creamy homemade rice pudding with friend.
139. Schoolwork without a hassle.


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