Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's One of Those Days

I'm sure you've had one. I think we all do at some point or another. Today was mine.

Nothing was going to go right. Nothing.

The littlest had too runny of a nose to go to Co-op, so I had to stay home for the morning. Just when I thought I could get in a shower before he awoke, he started stirring. Disappearing for an extended period with no opportunity to hear him awake is NOT a good idea.

What could have been a productive morning was not so much. He was clingy and needy and since he was not feeling well, it would have been mean and un-motherly to just let him cry. I do admit to feeling, at moments, un-motherliness however, I generally give in before the mommy-guilt completely overtakes me.

Days like this I find it hard to be naturally thankful. I tend to over-think the unpleasing and have to force myself to see the blessing. How glad I am that my list is not limited to THIS day.

140.  Arriving home safely from a late night drive.
141.  A friend who can see below my surface and enforce a much needed break.
142.  Kind words of concern from a man I respect.
143.  A belated birthday dinner out with my "bestie" - lots of good delicious food!
144.  The safe arrival of TWO camp grand-babies!
145.  My mom sharing our family history with the two eldest.
146.  Leo having the opportunity to golf twice and fish in the course of a week.
147.  Chemical free cleaning!
148.  Chocolate Truffle Cake - for a birthday treat - to die for
149.  a Sunday morning message that hit home for me.
150.  This hair system - my hair feels like silk! Thank you BzzAgent for the opportunity to try products and share experiences -this one was a winner by far!


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