Friday, January 22, 2016


Red is my favorite colour. How do you choose just one thing in your favorite colour? I couldn't. So here is my collection!

My beautiful new winter coat.

I love the red berries of winter.

Every Canadian can identify with the red warmth of Timmies.

So Red is red. This just made me happy. 

A red building with Edison bulbs draped in the window. Smile.

One of my most favorite accessories. 
A gift from a beautiful friend from her travels abroad. 
I wear it and am reminded that I was remembered and loved.

The colour of love. 
of passion. of warmth. 
It draws me like a moth to a flame. 


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I am the very blessed wife of my best friend. The humble mother of five precious children. Walking a life-road that is more amazing than I could ever imagine.
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