Friday, August 28, 2015

Doubly His

I remember the first day that my mom gave me a “clothing allowance”. I had received an allowance growing up but this was different. I received $60.00 each month with which to buy clothes, shoes, school supplies, gifts, as well as the occasional lunch at school. The idea was to teach me to budget and plan my finances to meet present requirements and anticipate future needs.
One of my first clothes shopping trips by myself, I had such a difficult time spending my money. I was a bit afraid to buy the “wrong” thing. Eventually after wasting about three hours debating with myself,  I bit the bullet, made a decision, and left the mall with three new shirts with which to start my grade nine year. I remember these shirts like it was yesterday. That moment was significant in my purchasing history.
They were special. I paid for them and they were mine.
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