Monday, February 16, 2015


Well the week that ends with Valentine's Day - it is fitting to focus on the theme of LOVE.

This is an easy one for me. Love exudes in our family.

Not that everything is always peaceful and perfect but we truly and deeply love each other.

It is a common sight to see kids gathered close watching a video on a device or reading something. Listening to music. Playing a game. Reading a book.

I took a ton of pictures of moments in which Little Man was snuggled up with each of the kids individually throughout the week. It seems that he figures his place is there in the midst and he assumes that the kids will be happy at any moment to have him climb up.

There were many moments that I didn't capture. I honestly was living and enjoying the moment and I didn't want to break it by running for the camera.

In any case, rather than overflow with too many pictures of my children, I chose one. A posed portrait of the five children that have stolen my heart.

Thanks to my wonderful sister and brother-in-law, My dearest and I were able to get away for a night.

Yesterday we headed to the beautiful town of Kingsville, where we enjoyed a wine tour at Pelee Island Winery.

We headed back to check into our room at Inn 31. The Garden Room, in which we stayed was a very pretty, bright and cheerful room.

Before we headed down to dinner, while we still had beautiful natural light, my dearest willingly participated in my attempts to capture a picture of us together.

I am SO pleased with how this turned out.

We went down to a delicious dinner at Jack's Gastropub. Burgers and fries in a wonderful ambiance. Very friendly staff. We indulged in desserts of Vanilla Creme Brulee and Chocolate Chevre Brownie. I was thankful that we did not have to leave the warmth to get to our room. It was a lovely, relaxing retreat from the chaos of the everyday.


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