Thursday, January 02, 2014

Just One

A snow day today gave me opportunity to be productive at home.

I am known for note-taking. Jotting notes during a service keeps me focused and my Bible is packed with note papers. These eventually find their way scattered through my home. I will come across random papers and take a moment to read through them. I keep those with greater impact on the re-read.

So, today, I found a box with a small stack of these notes. In reading through, I found some gems that I will share over the next few weeks.

This I found fitting after choosing one word for 2014:

The Challenge - Just One*

-study 1 whole book of the Bible
 -memorize one chapter, book or passage
- for one country all year
-sacrifice for one specific cause
-spend time in one ministry new to you
-for one soul
How hard is just one?

*notes from the 2013 Ladies' Missionary Conference, Oakwood Bible Chapel, Windsor, ON.


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