Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So, the beginning of this week finds us still in San Francisco. The blue, blue sky was a constant during our time in California. It seems that most of the pictures I took were dominated with blue.
However, since I overdid last week's challenge with numerous pictures, I am going to stick to just one.
My absolute favorite.... subtle but captivating....
As we toured the bay by boat, I looked at the distant skyline and was thrilled to see tints and shades of blue from top to bottom.
In the bouncing boat (the Bay is not calm, kind water at all)
I hoped I could capture what I saw and felt.
This doesn't do the breathtaking moment justice but still, I am drawn to the angry blue-green waves and the grey-blue majestic mountains with a hint of clear sky blue across the upper edge.
Next Week's Challenge - Three


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