Friday, April 26, 2013

Finding grace

Where do you go when you have no grace left? When every word and look and action grates like fingernails on a chalkboard? When the words that pour out in response are anything but love?

To whom do I turn when my attitude is one of complacency for the people that I am called to pursue? When my eyes shoot darts and my tongue sets forests on fire?

The smouldering of embers below surface can destroy a forest as surely as a flash of lightening and sometimes my words smoulder and sometimes they strike, quick and true. And always when I see the damage done, the charred wreckage I regret not guarding my tongue.

If I want to speak truth, my tongue is a symptom of a graceless life, fruitless.

So, where do I go when in hopelessness I realize that I cannot be the pursuer or do the pursuing or even be loving and gracious? I fall at the feet of my Saviour, the source of love and grace. I cannot give grace until I have received grace.

Daily, I need to remember...the cross.

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