Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's all in a word.

For the past few years I have taken the challenge to choose a word for the year. I first read about this challenge on   Ali Edwards website. This year I read how Ann named her years and I was encouraged fresh to think of a name for 2011. Something that I could meditate on. Challenge myself with. Watch and wait to see how God would speak to me through my word.

I found this a difficult task. So many words....too many choices. Which was "right"? And then on Boxing Day evening, as we drove to my Aunt and Uncle's for a family gathering, as we listened to my daughter's Christmas gift I heard these words and I knew. My word for 2011 - FOLLOW. Out this challenge, to follow, is born my blog.

I realize that we are already 45 days into the New Year and 45 days into the challenge.
I figured since it might come up in my blogs over the next year, it might be something you should know and maybe...just maybe....if you need some focus and a little challenge added to your year...you may want to jump in right now and  join us in choosing one little word.


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